Welcome to the Wound Clinic

 The Wound Clinic is a medical specialist-led multidisciplinary centre of excellence which focuses on the diagnosis, care and treatment of wounds. Wound care is provided by specialist doctors and nurses who are recognised leaders in their field. Patients receive the highest level of care, focused on improving healing time and quality of life. The Wound Clinic is devoted to managing and healing any form of wound or ulcer. We offer a complete package of care – providing specialist intervention from diagnosis to healing - with a management plan individually tailored for each patient.

 To date, our outcomes and feedback have been excellent with high patient satisfaction.


Mr Jeremy Crane 

Consultant Vascular Surgeon & Lead Clinician

Besides his nationally-renowned wound care programme, Jeremy's specialist interests include kidney and pancreatic transplantation surgery (both deceased donor and live related), vascular access surgery and mainstream vascular surgery.

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