Case Study 01

This patient had been suffering with venous ulcers for two years. Initial consultation at The Wound Clinic until complete healing was 3 months and the ulcers remain healed to date.


Case Study 02

This lady in her early 60’s presented to The Wound Clinic with a large area of inflamed circumferential ulceration, exquisitely painful, so much so that she could not bear to have any dressings administered. The ulcer was making her depressed and withdrawn and at her wits end. She was on huge amounts of morphine to help with pain. After careful and attentive treatment, 15 weeks later, the ulcer is virtually healed, the only pain relief is an occasional paracetamol and this delightful lady's quality of life has returned!


Case Study 03

This man in his 50s had a tumour removed from his leg but due to the size of the tumour, the wound could not be closed. With careful ongoing wound care, over 8 weeks, using negative pressure therapy and SurgihoneyRO, the wound fully healed with no further issues. 


Case Study 04

This lady in her 20’s underwent abdominal surgery. She attended The Wound Clinic as her incision site opened out. the open wound was associated with constant infections making her generally unwell, was sore and unsightly. She underwent complete excision of the wound with a very satisfactory result.