Lynne Hudgell is Specialist Tissue Viability nurse consultant with over 35 years of healthcare service. She is a dedicated and accomplished senior nursing professional. She has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the prevention, management and treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

As a clinician Lynne has managed all wound types, including the management of leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers with an understanding of the impact of living with a chronic wound and the effect these ulcers can have on reducing quality of life.

Further expertise includes the leadership of the strategic development and implementation of Tissue Viability policies and procedures, drawing knowledge from International, National and Strategic groups in setting standards and best practice for tissue viability.

 In addition to her clinical work, Lynne is currently teaching wound management and leg ulcer modules for post registration nurses at the New University of Bucks. The remit also includes working with Health Education North West London and Imperial College Health Partners as the clinical lead for projects aimed at reducing the numbers of pressure ulcers in organisations across London.